Mid-Century Chic – How to Work the Style in Your Home

 If you want to bring your home up-to-date, we recommend looking to the past for inspiration. There’s one era in particular we’re referring to, and that’s the 1950s. We’re not sure if it’s down to Mad Men, or simply designers’ love for delving into history, but one thing’s for certain – mid-century decor is huge right now, and for good reason.

Why This Look?

There’s a lot that’s aesthetically pleasing about 1950s interior design. It’s got an assured, masculine feel, but the right amount of feminine influence to make it feel gorgeously balanced. It can be interpreted in a number of ways too, and you can incorporate as much or as little into your home as you want.

Here’s some tips to recreate the look.

How to Add a Touch of the 1950s…

·         Go monochromatic. If you’re in love with bold, uncompromising design, then take your 1950s style to the next level by going monochromatic. However, don’t just go for black and white; to carry off this look successfully, you’ll need to incorporate shades of gray too. American Signature Furniture have plenty to offer if you want to go monochromatic, like this minimalist white rocking chair with metal legs, or this black bed, with geometric lines that are pure retro Japanese chic.

·         Be inspired by American diners. There’s something effortlessly cool about 1950s American diners. Think back to the T-Birds and Pink Ladies, drinking malt shakes at the Frosty Palace in Grease. If you want to embrace the look 100%, then this green and white side chair from Wayfair is the way to go, or this cute yellow chair, which will brighten up any kitchen.

·         Think wooden frame. The wooden framed sofa / chair is an iconic mid-century design, and you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of pieces out there that recapture its tapered-leg elegance to perfection. This great outdoor chair from Bloomingdales takes the design and updates it to great effect.

·         Go hell for leather. If you want to go for a particularly strong mid-century feel, choose a leather sofa. However, a word of warning – you don’t want shininess; instead, look for a more a soft, ‘lived-in’ look that complements the linear form of the sofa. This sofa from Joybird is exactly the sort of thing we mean.

·         Embrace sharp lines. The mid-century interior is all about the linework – geometric forms that create a defined silhouette. We had a browse on Chairish for some vintage inspiration and found this stunning side table, which with its bold form and wooden top, was the perfect example of mid-century chic.  

·         Go for glass. 1950s décor can get a little heavy, so it’s important to lighten it up from time to time. Incorporating glass is a good way to add a sense of weightlessness; whether it’s a shower-screen in a 50s inspired bathroom, or a coffee table in your living room. Moma’s Noguchi coffee table is a prime example, and well worth splurging out on.

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