How to Bring Coachella Cool Into Your Wardrobe

You can always rely on Coachella to give you some serious style inspiration. From the celebrities gracing the stage to the fashion-forward attendees, there’s a multitude of fabulous outfits on display, which more often than not are ideal for the summer months.

However, a lot of the garments are designer, which might make you feel as though they’re out of your reach. The good news is – lots of high street retailers have recreated the looks for a fraction of the cost. We’ve scoured the shops for the best Coachella-inspired clothing, so you don’t have to.

Ready to be inspired? Here goes…

Coachella Fashion on the High Street

·         Crisp, fresh whites. What better color to wear when the sun’s out? Coachella is always full of gorgeous white tops and dresses, and usually, there’s a lot of lace and crochet involved. While a lot of the Coachella crowd opt for cropped tops, you might not feel comfortable baring so much skin. In which case, this stunning bell-sleeved crochet top from ASOS is for you.  If you’re ready to expose a bit of stomach (you lucky thing), then this off-the-shoulder bardot top at PrettyLittleThing is another great option.

·         Yellow dresses. Yellow has always been a great festival color, thanks to its bright, summery vibe. This year, it was all about zingy, sunflower-inspired yellows, rather than pale lemon hues. Topshop totally nail the look with this mid-length off-the-shoulder number, or if you’re looking for something a bit less fitted, this floaty dress from Macys captures the laid-back ethos of Coachella.

·         Short shorts. If you’re going to do festival-style shorts, you need to go really short. Don’t worry, we don’t mean indecent exposure, but we do mean showing plenty of leg. Forever21’s shredded cut-offs epitomize the style, with their distressed appearance and high-waisted cut. Team them up with a cute shirt or tee shirt to unleash their full fashion potential.

·         Big boots. There was a definite nod to army-chic at the most recent Coachella, with feminine clothing being balanced by utility shirts and big, bold boots. We recommend you go with a firm favorite of ours – Dr Marten’s. This brand were all the rage back in the grungy 90s and they’re enjoying a surge in popularity once more, thanks to their no-nonsense, ultra-fashionable boots. This pair completely capture the essence of the masculine to a tee.  

·          Flowing dresses. If you want an uber-bohemian, oh-so pretty dress, there’s only one place to go, and that’s Free People. Their range of dresses are all perfect for recreating Coachella fashion, though there are one or two stand-outs that are particularly worth checking out, like this maxi-dress with crochet detailing and this cute mini-dress.

·         Big sunglasses. When it’s hot outside, you’ll need to shield your eyes; and if you’re going about it the festival way, you’ll need to do it with panache. There were a wide variety of shades on display at the recent Coachella, but we particularly loved the oversized versions, which reeked of 70s glamour. If you want to treat yourself, these Tom Ford sunglasses are to die for.

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