4 Basic Tips To Stay Healthy In College

4 Basic Tips To Stay Healthy In College

Students find it very hard to be in pace with their own life. There is so much to do and not enough time. All of the bad habits that are present can have a very negative effect on your health. That is why you should do your best to stay fit and strong. The tips below will help you stay healthy in college. This is actually a way of life. Once you start practicing these activities, you will notice a huge change in your energy levels.

Get Enough Sleep

We all wish that the day would last more than 24 hours. That way we would have enough time to study, workout, have a social life and spend enough time on ourselves. But when you are a busy student it seems that the day passes in only five minutes. That is why a lot of students tend to pull off an all-nighter to study or go out. That is the biggest mistake you can make if you want to stay healthy in college. Getting enough sleep is the first rule in the book. The ideal time is eight hours, of course. If you can do that every single night you will wake up fresh and ready to seize the day. This will have a very positive impact on your overall health. If you are exhausted during the day, you can always take a short nap. Make sure that you are well-rested. Turn off your phone and laptop at least one hour before going to bed.

Eat Properly

This is the hardest part. When you are working part-time, attending classes and doing your best to have good grades, having a balanced diet is not the first thing on your mind. But the overall health is connected to what you eat. Forget about fast food restaurants and soda drinks. If you give it a try, you’ll see that eating well is not that hard. Coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol are also your enemies. All of these habits can affect your cognitive functions.


It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you stay active. The possibilities are really endless. Ladies love doing pilates or aerobic. Men can visit the gym or run. Some of the other options are cross fit, yoga, dancing, bowling, playing a sport and more. All of these activities will keep you busy and your body will get the exercise that it needs. You have to find the time to do some physical activities of any kind. It is the key to being healthy together with sleep and diet. Even a short walk to your college can count as a workout. Next time you need to attend classes forget about the car or bus. You can even get a bike that you’ll use to get anywhere you want. Plenty of gyms offer reduced rates for college students, so you’ll be able to get a discount on your membership. All you need is the motivation to be and look better.

Stay Hydrated

You have to drink lots of water while in college. If your days are always packed and you’re running around, don’t forget to stay hydrated. The recommended water intake is 64 ounces per person. It does sound like a lot, but you will soon get used to it. Drinking enough liquids will help your body flush out the toxins. Also while you’re having your daily water dose, you can add some vitamins to the mix. That can be either fresh fruit juice or supplements.

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