These Are The Top Five Cleanest Cities In The World

No one likes living in dirt and pollution. But the thing is that some countries go to quite the extent to keep their streets super-clean. These are the top cleanest cities in the world, where you’d definitely want to move to. They are all strictly regulated with laws and have found amazing ways to deal with pollution of air, water, waste and more. Check them out and find out more about what makes these places so great.

Calgary, Canada

Canada, in general, is a very clean country. Calgary might not be the most popular city, but it sure is beautiful. It has earned the title ‘the cleanest city in the world’ several years in a row, thanks to their strict principles and laws. Everything is very well thought of in Calgary. First of all, the city has two rivers that give the necessary humidity. The air quality is almost impeccable. Another amazing thing is the way they have reduced pollution from traffic at the minimum. The five main principles that lead to this cleanliness are Waste Removal and Recycling, Sewage System Quality, Traffic Congestion, Water Drinkability and Availability, and Air Pollution.

These Are The Top Five Cleanest Cities In The World calgary


Welcome to one of the cleanest cities in the world! Singapore is proof that if you want to make something happen, you will. In spite of the huge number of tourists that leave and arrive every day, the city still managed to stay super-clean. The laws are so harsh, that everyone has to abide them completely and at all times. Even if you are a tourist, make sure that you be familiar with their principles. If by any chance you get in trouble, you’ll have to pay a whole fortune. The urban parts have loads of trees, which helps with the clean air. Another fact that you’ll find surprising is that in Singapore you’re not allowed to have chewing gums. They are completely banned.

These Are The Top Five Cleanest Cities In The World singapore

Copenhagen, Denmark

The cutest city in Denmark is a clean one as well. The whole Scandinavia is all about clean living and lowering all the possible factors of pollution. All of the streets are neat, and you can even swim wherever you want to! That’s how impeccable this destination is. Danish people are used to this way of living. There are a lot of bikes, frequent use of public transport and strict pollution laws.

These Are The Top Five Cleanest Cities In The World copenhagen

Kobe, Japan

Kobe has a population of over 1.5 million people but still manages to be one of the cleanest cities in the world for years in a row. Japanese are so respectful of the laws, and get to live in a neat environment. One of the greatest achievements of Kobe is the very efficient waste disposal system, which actually recycles a large portion of the waste that it receives. It seems that everyone in Japan wants to make their country a better place to live in, and you can actually see that when you arrive there. It’s not only Kobe that is clean. Tokyo was voted as the city in the world with the lowest emission of CO2.

These Are The Top Five Cleanest Cities In The World kobe

Honolulu, Hawaii

Pack your bags, we’re all moving to Honolulu. The tropical paradise of Hawaii will leave you breathless at first sight. You’ll notice that the air is super-clean and the whole place is garbage-free. Since this is the capital of the islands, a huge part of the money is invested in keeping the town neat and a great place for living. You’ll also see many trees and green areas everywhere you go.

These Are The Top Five Cleanest Cities In The World honolulu

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