The 12 Habits Of Incredibly Happy Women

We’ve all heard the clichés surrounding the topic of happiness, and while some of them are completely accurate, there is a much bigger picture when it comes to being a truly happy person; particularly as women living in a time where we are finally encouraged to control our own destinies and speak up for what we believe in. There has been no better time to pave our own path to happiness, so in this article, we are going to share with you 12 known habits of happy people.

1. Make your 8 hours count

We can’t stress enough how important a good night’s sleep is! Sleep is directly correlated to rational thinking, productivity and physical as well as mental health. Try to get between seven and nine hours each night, and if you have persistent trouble with sleeping, be sure to talk to a professional.

2. Do this one thing daily

Closing your mind off from the pressure and stress of daily challenges whilst you reflect on your mental state is a great way to enhance your self-awareness, fight addictions, control anxiety and overall promote positive mental health.

3. Push yourself

Almost every successfully happy person will tell you that exercise plays a fundamental role in their routine. Whether it’s high energy sport or calmer pace yoga and walking, the effects of serotonin on your mood and wellbeing are the same. Find the activity that is perfect for you and keep at it.

4. Be busy

Fill your diary with meaningful meetings with friends, proactive hobbies and fun past times that will keep your mind stimulated. (Be careful not to make plans for the sake of it; ensure everything has a purpose.) This is one of the key habits of happy people, being busy and fulfilled is important.

5. Support other women

Seeing other people succeed in their passion or work is something that should be celebrated. Encourage the small wins and be the voice of encouragement you want to see in other people!

6. Stop worrying

Do not let one minute of frustration ruin a whole 24 hours. Think to yourself “will this matter tomorrow?” and if not, move on.

7. Meet positive people

Surround yourself with people that encourage you, understand you and ultimately, want the best for you.

8. Try saying yes

Get out of your comfort zone by trying things that you wouldn’t usually say yes to. You’d be surprised at the opportunities that arise. You’ll find that on every list of habits of happy people, this is right at the top because saying yes opens doors!

9. Be kinder

Being good makes us feel good. Put a smile on somebody’s face and you will feel it for the rest of the day.

10. Believe in yourself

There are two types of mindsets; fixed and growth. With a fixed mindset, you believe you are who you are and that’s it. HAVE A GROWTH MINDSET. Know that you are always changing and improving. You will be much better suited to overcome challenges this way.

11. Live with purpose

Have a daily conversation with yourself about your mental state. How do you feel? What do you need? A lot of us fall into a daily routine without stopping to think about our actions. Make sure you are always acting with purpose and not just ticking boxes.

12. Get sh*t done

Don’t sit back and just let life happen to you. Happy people identify what they want and create steps to achieve it. You are not a passenger in your life – be the driver.

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