How To Pack A Weekend Beauty Routine Into One Airline-Approved Bag

A few weekends ago we travelled to our favourite city to see some of our favourite people and it was grand. Our mates moved to Amsterdam a few years back now and we love heading out there to visit as much as we can to eat all the Oliebollen and lounge around in our home from home. So lush. There’s an Amsterdam City Guide here if you fancy it, although since we’ve visited so often we now just tend to mooch around our friend’s local neighbourhood and try to hire bikes to head out of the city if the weather is playing nice. But enough of the Amsterdam love-in as this post is all about another love of my life – packing.

This time round I made it my mission to fit all my belongings for the weekend into the Away Everywhere Bag (gifted). We were visiting for two nights and were travelling with cabin luggage only, so to avoid the whole ‘need to get to the front of the queue to get our bags into the overhead lockers‘ saga, I thought I’d try to squeeze everything into a bag that I could slide under the seat in front of me. IT WORKED! Travelling light to the max! Sure, my right shoulder almost dislocated as of course it was the weight of a small house and I was very jealous of my friend’s load being carried on wheels on more than one occasion, but I managed to get everything I needed for the weekend in, including an almost-exhaustive beauty routine. I mean that’s always the sticking point when it comes to packing right? A small plastic bag that can only hold a minimal amount of liquids, all needing to be under 100ml. COOL. However I miraculously managed to fit everything I needed in and even went one step further; liquids, powders, gels, creams, brushes – the lot – all in. Here’s how I did it…

So there were a few steps that I carried out before out trip that certainly helped when it came to downsizing my beauty stash. The Anna Edit salon was opened for business! I made sure I was freshly shaved and moisturised, so there would be no need to pack a body moisturiser or razor. I was just off the back of an eyebrow appointment, so I had no use for tweezers. I also made sure I had freshly washed and styled hair so that I didn’t really need to do much hair-wise all weekend aside from brush it and borrow my mate’s straighteners to put a couple of waves in it if I wanted to. Then I made some serious allowances when it came to packing my makeup. I packed a light concealer that I could use as both a concealer and blend all over if required, so I could skip packing a foundation too. I also reduced my brush needs considerably, just applying makeup with fingers where possible and literally just packing a powder brush for bronzer. Speaking of which I made sure I packed a bronzer with a massive mirror so that it was easy to do my skincare and makeup without hogging our friend’s bathroom. Bronzer too could double up as eyeshadow if I felt like I needed some and again could be applied with fingers. Before we left I’d got my lashes permed so I didn’t need an eyelash curler, which saved on a lot of space. I also just made sure that I packed minis where possible; brands sell a lot of their best-sellers in travel size these days now, or in Christmas sets (now is a good time to pick them up!) or as ‘gift with purchases’. If that wasn’t possible then I decanted product out into these mini tubs*, which are brilliant and so easy to reuse.

It depends on whether you’re staying with a friend, in a hotel or an airbnb, but there are certain things that you can skip packing because you know that they will be available at the other end, either as a complimentary perk or just to borrow from your mate. Chances are you won’t need most of them, or if you do you can always buy it at your destination if you’re desperate. If you’re staying with a friend don’t worry about packing things like scissors, cotton buds, a nail file, shower gel, shampoo or a hairdryer and styling tools. Whenever mate’s come to stay I’m always more than happy to lend stuff out. In fact most don’t even bother packing skincare when they come to visit and I don’t blame ’em! So here’s the cut down beauty routine for a weekend away that fits into an airline-approved plastic bag,  tried and tested… 



Mini Roll-On Deodorant (I used a mini of the Mitchum Roll-On Deodorant*)

Mini Toothbrush

Mini Toothpaste (could always borrow this if you’re staying with a friend)



Fold-Up Travel Hairbrush (I used the WetBrush Pop Out Brush* (gifted))


2 x reusable bamboo makeup pad & 1 x flannel

Makeup Remover (I used a little Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover* that I got as a GWP)

Travel-Size Cleanser (I used the travel-size Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser*)

Hydrating Serum (I used the travel-size Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Hydration Serum*)

Daytime Moisturiser with SPF (I used a mini of the Kiehl’s Daily Defence SPF 50*)

Evening Moisturiser (I used the May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon* that I’d decanted into a little tub)


A light concealer (I used the RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up Concealer in 11*)

A bronzer compact with a big mirror (I used the Marc Jacobs Beauty O!mega Bronze in Tan-Tastic* (gifted))

A large powder brush (I used the ZOEVA 090 Luxe Grand Powder Brush* (gifted))

Eyebrow spoolie/Eyebrow product (I just took a spoolie with me)

Mascara (I used a mini of the Lancome Monsieur Big Waterproof Mascara*)

Lip Balm (I used the Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Clear Balm* (gifted) that I’d decanted into a little tub)

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