Most of us give proper attention to our diet and try to take in all the nutrients that are required for our bodies & mind to function correctly but do you know the thing which is as much essential for your physical and mental health? It’s the Good Night’s Sleep! An average adult requires 7-9 hours of excellent quality sleep and the effects of irregular sleep schedule can be disastrous on your health! 

In the today’s modern world everybody works around the clock to meet his career, family, and social needs; as a result, one gets deprived of sleep! But we do not realize that how sleeping less will affect the same career, family life and social lives for which we are sacrificing our precious sleep! So now, you should understand that letting go of your sleep will not going to make you succeed in any walk of your life. 

Do you think that you are getting the right amount of sleep? A simple evaluation of your day will let you know that how does sleep affect your day!If you feel energetic and fresh whole day long, then you are getting enough sleep, but if you feel lethargic and drowsy then you must alter your sleeping schedule now! 

Recommended Hours Of Sleep According To Your Age Group

Do you know that a newborn baby has a different sleep requirement than a 60 years old adult? It’s very important to know how much sleep you require per night, depending upon your age. Have a look at the following information that will let you know that how much you should sleep to get a healthy mind and body. 

How Sleep Deprivation Affects your Work

If you still think that you can cope up with your life and manage your daily activities in the best possible manner without getting proper sleep, then you are living in a fool’s paradise. If you don’t sleep enough, your personal and professional life will be affected adversely. You can still manage your family life somehow, but it surely will have a most negative impact on your work life as the lack of sleep and work performance is interrelated. 

How do you think can an irregular sleep pattern affect a person?Let me tell you how sleep deprivation will decrease your quality and quantity of work! 

Accelerates Mood Swings

There are a lot of sleep deprivation effects on behavior. A sleep-deprived person can never be in a good mood! The lesser you sleep the more irritable and fractious you will become. You will not be able to deal calmly with others, and it will be difficult for you to keep your anger and emotions under control. You will experience that you are becoming more and more aggressive and having an unethical behavior because of the lack of sleep. 

Damages Innovative Thinking

How does sleep affect productivity? If you are feeling sleepy, your mind will lose its ability to work efficiently. If your job requires you to bring new and unique ideas and solution to the table, you will not be able to do so. If you want your mind to function to its fullest, you must have taken proper amount of night`s sleep. Every new day comes with new challenges and to face them you require mental alertness, and if it is absent, you cannot make any decision properly. Apart from this, there are many social effects of sleep deprivation too. 

Makes you Stressed Out

Sleep deprivation affects your nervous system and makes it difficult for you to handle stress. Sleep deprived people are most likely to develop high blood pressure. It is trusted that sleep helps the blood in directing anxiety hormones and also guarantees a sound nervous system. Excessively numerous restless nights could negatively influence the body`s capacity to control stress hormones. If you think that you are unable to cope up with the stress at work, you need to sleep more because lack of sleep causes stress! 

Slows Your Work Speed

Lack of sleep will surely make you less productive. It will affect your working speed, and you will become slower at carrying out tasks at work. Without having the proper presence of mind, you cannot be able to perform any task efficiently. You will feel drowsy and lazy, and your mind will lack the ability to be productive during your day at the office. Working while sleep deprived will do you no good. 

Affects your Memory

Do you know that sleep has a direct effect on your memory? Relationship between sleep and memorycannot be denied. A right amount of sleep strengthens the type of memory that can help you with your work. Sleep improves `working memory capacity` which really helps to increase your problem-solving and decision-making ability. You will not face difficulty in learning or recalling anything. Quality and quantity of sleep have a direct impact on your learning and memory. 

Ruins Your Physical Health

There are many mental impacts of sleep deprivation and it also dramatically affects your physical health! When you are not in a good health how will you be able to work properly at the office? Apart from feeling lethargic, you can also suffer from palpitations and heartburn because of lack of adequate sleep. There are many physiological and psychological effects of sleep deprivationwhich can’t be avoided. There is a solid connection between sleep quality and physical health. Sleep deprivation diminishes your insusceptible capacity thus making you more inclined to common ailments which can slow your performance, influence work participation and conceivably harm your whole professional career. Long haul sleep deprivation prompts what researchers call `sleep debt.` This brings the danger of genuine restorative issues, for example, coronary illness, obesity, and even diabetes.

Do You Know How Much Sleep Successful People Take Each Day? 

We always look forward to famous celebrities and take inspiration from successful individuals in almost our every walk of life, but have your ever thought about finding out their sleeping patterns too? As you know that sleep has a significant impact on your work life, let’s see what we can learn by observing the sleeping time of some influential persons.

Sleep Period Of Highly Famous & Successful Individuals

Healthy Sleeping Practices to Improve your Everyday Performance

Just by making little changes in your sleeping routine slowly and gradually, you will notice an immense difference in your life! You will become more productive and happier! Your boss will compliment your performance, and the work which takes you ages for you to complete will now get done in lesser time. It’s the time to change your sleeping practices! Start following these sleep hygiene guidelines to improve your sleep habits:

Sleep on a Comfortable Bed

Your bed mainly comprises of mattress and pillows, and they play a vital part in the quality of your sleep. Use mattresses and pillows that are ideal for a good night`s sleep. You can use the latest technology mattress and pillows from MyPillow that are primarily designed to take your sleep to the next level. Use My Pillow Coupon to get the premium quality pillows at highly reasonable rates. Choose bedding and pillows that keep you away from back pain and neck strain.  

Avoid Caffeine Intake Late in the Day

If you want to sleep early, avoid taking caffeine for five to six hours before your bedtime.  Caffeine stimulates your mental alertness and makes your more energetic that’s why you should stay away from it in the evening. Consumption of coffee, tea, chocolate, or fizzy drinks will stop your body away from sleeping peacefully at night. It is not recommended to take caffeine after 3-4 pm. If you are a person who craves badly for a cup of tea or coffee in the evening, you can go with decaffeinated coffee. Add more sleep inducing foods to your daily diet.

Stay Away from Alcohol

Many of you may have a misconception that alcohol consumption will make you feel sleepy but that’s not the case. If you drink at night, your sleep and hormones will be affected. Alcohol is proved to enhance the symptoms of sleep apnea and insomnia. To avoid disrupted sleep patterns, don’t consume alcohol in the evening and night.  There are many other sleep deprivation cures which you can also try to make your sleep better. 

Make Your Room more Welcoming

It is a fact that the bedroom environment has great significance for getting a good night`s sleep. You have to give proper attention to some critical aspects including temperature, noise, lights, furniture arrangement and more. Try to minimize every sort of external sounds and lights from entering your sleeping zone. Make sure that the atmosphere is so calm, serene, relaxing, quiet, enjoyable and clean which can make you fall asleep within the minimum amount of time. Use thick curtains to prevent light from entering your bedroom. Also, turn on the air conditioner, humidifier or heater to balance the temperature of your room.

Sleep and Wake at Scheduled Times

To get quality sleep, you must try to set up your internal clock! For this, you have to follow a consistent pattern in your sleeping and waking times. Even on the weekend, go to bed at the same time as you go on a weekday. According to researchers, those who slept late at weekends experienced poor sleeping during the entire week. The irregular sleeping pattern will not deliver you quality sleep at all! If you wake up and go to bed at a similar time each day and night, you will not even require an alarm clock. You can also take help from a sleep schedule calculator for the perfection of your sleeping routine. 


Although you should never compromise on your sleep but sadly sleep is always the first thing that people squeeze out of their busy schedules. But now that you are completely aware of the fact how sleep deprivation can affect daily life, you must do some serious efforts to overcome sleep deprivation. Healthy sleeping habits will surely bring happiness and satisfaction in your lives! Sleep well and wake up happy!

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