Bye Bye Stress: 9 Steps To The Ultimate Relaxing Bath

Sunday is the best day to recover from a busy week and prepare for a new exciting one. When you’re busy, you must schedule some me-time during your weekends. It helps you to reduce stress and makes you feel good about yourself. A warm bath helps relax tensed nerves and makes you happier! What better way to end your weekend with a long relaxing bath and turn your bathroom into a private spa.

1. Gather all your essentials

Find a nice bath soap, a book or your favorite magazine, some candles, essential oils for your relaxing bath. Transform your bath into a decadent honey moisture bath with foaming bubbles by twirling Laura Mercier’s Creme Brulee under running water.

2.  Add A Scented Oil

Add some scented oil when your bath is halfway full. Lavender or rose oil are great choices because of the relaxing effect. I’m using Coqui Coqui all-natural bathing Created by hotelier and perfumer Nicolas Malleville, the best-selling ‘Orange Blossom’ scent is sweet, dry and unadorned.

3. Right temperature

Dim the lights and make sure your bath is the right temperature. A warm bath is best for relaxing your body. If it’s too hot, you could get dizzy (we don’t want that).

4. Put on relaxing music and light a few candles

Spotify has some great relaxing playlists. It depends on your mood, but try to find something relaxing, calm, and positive. Light a few candles and place them on the edge of the tub.

5. Bring some snacks

I always love to bring a cup of green or chamomile tea with me. You can even treat yourself to a nice glass of wine, champagne, strawberries, chocolates, etc. Whatever you like, it’s your special time. Place it within easy reach, but far enough away that it will not fall in the bathtub.

6. Put on a face mask and tie your hair up

Tie your hair up and put on a face mask. A face mask can be very relaxing when used while you’re taking a bath. Glam Glow makes some amazing face masks.

7. Fluffy towel and bathrobe

Use some fluffy towels that make you feel warm and comfortable. You can even warm your towel by placing it on a radiator while you’re in the bath. This way, your towel is nice and warm when you come out of your bath. Also, make sure your pj’s are already in the bathroom.

8. Enjoy your bath!

Relax, read a book, and forget everything. This is your time to relax.

9. Relax afterward

Just enjoy some time for yourself. Get a glass of tea and read or listen to music. Heat a towel in the microwave and wrap around your neck and take a deep and well-earned nap. Enjoy!

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