6 Life-Changing Tips For Effective Planning

The right tips for effective planning can make a huge difference between success and failure. The dreams and goals you have need an effective plan to put them into place. So if you want to make 2020 your year, it’s time to make an effective plan for your life and your goals.

So where do you start? It’s all about taking a step back and being patient. Here are a few tips to set you off on your planning journey…



When you have a big task or project hanging over you, it’s important to give yourself the space to think. You can untwist problems, account for obstacles, and plan the project out better if you’re free from distractions and allowing yourself the space to focus on what you’re trying to achieve.

You might need to excuse yourself and head to a quiet room or put on a playlist that gives you inspiration and motivation to work through what you need to do.



To effectively plan, you need to grab a pen and write out what you need to achieve by when and how you’re going to break it down into small, bite-sized pieces. You can’t do the impossible overnight, but you can chip away at it until it’s done.

Give yourself realistic deadlines. Think about all the obstacles and problems you might encounter along the way, don’t give up when something goes wrong, just think of a way to twist it into a win.


Make sure you have the right tools

The right planner is essential for planning properly. If you work day to day, an undated planner like the Getting Stuff Done planner will not only allow you to make a plan for the day, but will also let you track your water, meals, exercise, budget, and shopping list, meaning that you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount you need to get done.

If you have longer-term goals, the Goals 2020 Diary is the perfect accompaniment for them. You can write down your deadlines, goals for the weeks and months and plan out your week hour by hour.



What is it that you’re going to achieve? Are you throwing a party or smashing a work deadline? The end goal needs to be firmly in your mind.

It helps to close your eyes and visualize it. What happens when you achieve it? Keep that end goal firmly in your mind and it will be easier than ever to smash it!



Obstacles always arise. Nine times out of ten in life, things happen that we can’t account for. Being locked out when you need to do a photoshoot (for example) or deleting every article on your computer before the deadline.

To avoid anxiety later, think about what the worst that could happen would be and account for it. Be ready for anything.



Whatever it is your planning, have fun with it. Set up a reward system, make it fun and avoid dreading working on your plans. If it ever becomes boring or stale, you know you need to change things up and reflect on your progress.

This is your time to shine, your plan, so have fun with it!

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