5 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks

Every single lady out there is trying to find the best and fastest way to look great. But being a fashionable student or a working woman is never easy. Your time is always limited, so most of the time you have to do your best in only minutes. There are days when you simply can’t spend too much time doing your hair, so now you feel like a hot mess. Also, in most cases you can’t bring too many makeup products in your bag, so you have to bring only a few. If you have classes all day, and you want your lipstick to stay put, there is an easy way to do that too. That’s why is always good to know about those simple, life-changing beauty hacks that make things so much easier. Starting from a fresh looking face to a great hairstyle, these fun tips will really be game-changing for you.

5 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks

Use Dry Shampoo for Extra Volume

We all have bad hair days. But dry shampoo seems to be the solution to all your problems. This is the hair product that every woman can turn to when she doesn’t have enough time to wash her hair. Even if your hairstyle from yesterday doesn’t seem like the ideal one today, you can easily fix it by using dry shampoo. Another big hack you should definitely know is how to boost the volume of your mane by using only a hairdryer and dry shampoo. First, apply the shampoo, they blow dry the hair and pay especially attention to your roots.

Make Your Lipstick Last All Day

This is a very simple, yet useful tip. After you’ve applied your lip liner and lipstick there is one trick that you can employ to make them long-lasting. Simply dab a little powder foundation over it and it will stay put all day. Powdered blush will also do the job. If you are flaunting a light lipstick, and you want to make it more intense, just dab your blush over it to get a fierce look. This way you achieve a long-lasting lip color and a fuller pout.

Use Lipstick as Blush

If you weren’t familiar with this trick so far, you’ve been missing out a lot. This easy hack will transform you into a makeup pro. There are so many gorgeous lipstick shades that you can also apply on your cheeks. Plus, if you are a busy girl you won’t need to take too many makeup products in your bag. The lipstick will give your cheeks a very natural color and a glowing, fresh look.

Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

This is the ultimate dream of every single lady. One of the most frustrating things you can see is a bad manicure. You’ve just painted your nails one day ago, and today they are a complete mess. There is one easy hack that might turn out to be very helpful. Next time you paint your nails, make sure to add a finishing touch. In other words, do one swipe with the brush along the edge of the nails. That way you’ll keep the rest of the nail polish protected.

Use Baby Powder for Thick Lashes

Probably one of the strangest tips you’ve heard so far. But it actually works magic with eyelashes. It’s not only easy but also extremely inexpensive. There’s plenty of lash-enhancing products or mascaras that can cost a whole fortune. With baby powder, you get that fuller look in only seconds. The procedure is very simple. First, you apply one coat of mascara, then dust a little baby powder over the lashes. You will notice the difference right after the second coat. The lashes will look thicker and fuller, so you can forget about buying falsies.

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